My Own Modest Proposal

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A Quick Fix         My dear friends, a problem was brought to my attention to me while reading. It seems that people want to put an end to the death penalty but, these people don’t realize the potential that the death penalty will provide us if we just enforce it more harshly.

        We should not abandon our roots. In the Wild West there was no second thought to hanging someone, if the crime was serious enough.

        The people on death row would make good guinea pigs. They could be used as test subjects to determine side effects of different chemicals. We can test weapons on them to calibrate them. Even specialists that test cars say that the test dummies are good but a real human would provide better proof.

        By enforcing the death penalty we will reduce crime tremendously. If we enforce this with extreme prejudice other people will think twice before commiting a crime.

Thus the streets will be safer for our children.

        Economically this will save us money. I did some calculations, if you figure there are 400,000 people in jail and at least one fourth of those men or women are on death row. Then figure it costs about $200 a day to keep them there including food, clothes, health and utilities. This will cost $20,000,000 a day and an amazing $7,300,000,000 a year to keep these men and women in prison. Where as if it cost about $50 to execute them or send them to a company to use it would cost about $5,000,000 a year and a difference of $7,295,000,000 a year. This money could be used by the poor and by our schools, which severally need help. When the people are executed we could sell their bodies to anyone who has the refined taste for such a delicacy. Thus adding another meal to our palate, this could be our new apple pie!         I think this is a great plan but if you don’t please remember that I a just a patriotic man who wanted to help out his country.

In conclusion, there are a lot of possibilities to the death penalty. Don’t rule it out; think of all positives to it.