About my own personal strengths and weaknesses.

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Personal Strengths And Weaknesses

Skills And Abilities

In any situation, I believe that weaknesses and struggles define a person; where as our strengths help offset our weaknesses. Which in turn makes us a well-rounded person.

Our strengths from hitting a home run to overseeing a major account to compassion and

patience with others, are usually easy to identify. Our society commends the strongest and the best.

My strongest strengths, which includes stubborness and a hardworker, are offset

by my weaknesses, which are my unlikeable short-temper and a tendency to become easily


My first strength is stubbornness. I am the oldest of four kid's which I believe has

a part in me being obstinate. It seems the oldest child has to fight for everything from

attention to having less chores. Strong willed is defined as an obstinate person in the

psychology field. I have read about strong willed children and they create a plan then put it

into action.

Some people might think stubbornness as weakness. However, it is a trait that

is really an advantage for a strong willed individual; they believe in something so strong

that they will not back down until they make it happen. Because of my stubbornness I

have made it through some tough times that a passive person would have just fell apart.

Which leads me to my second strength of being a hard worker. Nothing in my life

has come easy for me. I have always had to work hard at anything I set out to do. Plus as

a kid I had to work for anything I wanted and because of that I believe it made me a better

person. It taught me to appreciate what I earned and make wise choices on how I spent

my money. In addition, being a...