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I was born April 27th, 1978 in Miami Fl., weighed about six pounds twenty inches. My parents never married, my mother raised me. She always said that I was like a piece of butterscotch extremely sweet. I lived part of my life in Colorado Springs, which I truly loved. My mom being a single parent and raising three children was a hard task for her but she handled it pretty well. She always had time for everything she worked an awful lot but always managed to be there for all our school events. I played volleyball and my brothers played baseball and she never missed a game. Mom always made us laugh because she was a bit on the crazy side. She was always cool you know how some people say my parents are old fashion. My mom was in the groove believe me. Mom was also always easy to talk to she had that special patience not to over react.

We told her everything and we still do but now since she a bit older she over reacts sometimes.

        Mom is a great human being she has many other traits other than being a full time mother. She is a really good dancer and has a really good eye for fashion. I always admired the way my mom went about things she was always happy I never seen her cry. I guess she is a pretty reserved person. She would always tell us why lose time in being sad if life was meant to be enjoyed. She is a very positive person and also a determined fighter. Mom will never give up if she falls down she will get up all over again with the same grace like it was her first time do it.

        When I was about...