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Computer Style and Computer System

I selected this certain style of computer because it was an All in One Desktop. This would be easier to purchase because it comes with the all the basic needs of a computer. This saves money unlike buying a laptop or tablet which would be more because of extra components you would have to buy. The computer I selected all-in-one desktop, the Sony VAIO Tap 20. This Computer is very convenient for me because it also is a tablet as well just in case I need to be on the go with work I may need to finish. This makes it easier to move about my home instead of just staying in the office. My computer is a Sony VAIO Tap 20 all-in-one desktop computer and tablet. I chose this model because it was a tablet as well as a desktop. It is also touch screen so I would not have to use the keyboard all of the time. Owning a computer is very much mandatory to me. Various things I do including downloading music, work and online shopping all need a working computer. Without a computer I would have a hard time getting school work done.

Computer Hardware

My computer has a hardware memory 750 GB hard drive that provides a great amount of space for all my photos, music files, and anything else I may need space for. My computer has a Windows 8 operating system. My computer is an Intel Processor. The last three questions are very important when choosing a computer. You need to know these things because of the work or things you may do on your computer are influenced by these three main components. I love downloading various things including: games, music, etc…This lets me know I will...