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        A woman who has not only changed and motivated my life has inspired me. Not only has she inspired my life, she also gave life to me. I have watched her struggle through many hard times and prevail over the obstacles laid before her when others said she would not make it. She succeeded, when destined to fail and never lost hope in times of hopelessness. The woman I speak of is my mother.

        My mother started out as a below average person who appeared to have no promising future or a future at all. She didn't have an outstanding education; she wasn't the perfect person by far. She worked at fast food restaurants to make just enough money to be broke.

        My mother gave birth to me at the age of twenty and my dad didn't stay around long after that. She was on her own with her new child and could barely provide food to eat.

Everyone told her how bad of a mother and a person she was, but she refused to stop trying her best. She worked hard and as much as she could to provide for her family.

        When there seemed to be no hope of making it, her hope and faith only grew. She kept working hard and in doing so she was finally rewarded with a descent job. She became the manager of a truck stop. She was determined to give me, her son, all that she couldn't have. The new job, although better than the last, still only paid just enough to get by.

        My mother was not going to settle for just enough, she wanted to give more to me. She wanted to prove to everyone that she was somebody. She worked twice as long and twice as hard as the...