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A great deal can be learned about an organization by analyzing and exploring the various aspects of an organizational observation. Currently I am employed at This ‘n’ That, a discount retail store, which focuses on providing customers with quality products at a below market price. Organizational diversity, dress and language, and communication flow are all factors that influence my organizations culture.

There are several factors that shape diversity in my workplace. Diversity can be a beneficial attribute or can cause dilemmas in the workplace. At This ‘n’ That all the various factors of diversity are present, embraced and accepted. All of our staff at This ‘n’ That has value for one another and are seen as equals. This allows for unproblematic diversity in our workplace. The main factors that create diversity in my workplace are age, race, and religion. My organization has employees from the age of 19 years old to the oldest of 67 years.

I have yet to see that gap in age cause any conflict, if anything the age difference allows for constructive criticism and encourages growth as an organization. Race and religion allow for different view points which help form our workplace in an optimistic way. Diversity is about learning from others who are different (Schmidle, 2009). Diversity is dignity and respect for all, and about establishing settings and practices that encourage learning from others and capture the advantage of diverse perspectives.

Dress and language is very critical to the perception and professionalism of the workplace. I do not feel that my workplace’s dress and language give off the professionalism that our organization is looking for. Our employees are permitted to wear whatever they desire. Some employees choose to wear sweat pants and shirts with sayings on them that could be offensive to some customers. I...