My Philosophy of Education

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I believe all students are capable of learning and that effective teachers can reach every student. Students should be viewed as individuals who can contribute to the classroom, sharing and gaining knowledge from each other. Teaching facts alone is not enough, students should be taught how to reason and use logics to analyze and solve problems. Students must be able to function in the real world which not only requires academic knowledge but social skills as well.

I believe that students learn best when they are highly motivated to learn. And so teachers should always try to know what is important to their students, what really matters to them and what will be most useful to them in the real world. Then, when teaching a unit, the teacher can show students how learning that unit can benefit them when they leave school. I think that effective teachers relate all learning to the real world and by doing so makes learning meaningful to their students.

I believe teachers who only use one method to teach should not be in the classroom. They obviously are not reaching all of their students since not all students learn in the same way. Teachers must plan for visual learners, auditory learners and kinesthetic learners. Varying methods of teaching will create an interesting and fun environment and will help all students succeed. I plan on using several methods of teaching including but not limited to demonstration, technology based, group discussion and explanation.

I plan on giving frequent test as sometimes this is the only way to get students to look over their work. I want to evaluate students by different methods such as giving them individual coursework to complete, group work, direct observation, oral tests, and letting them demonstrate how to do certain task as well...