My Philosophy of Education

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Someone's philosophy is how they, themselves, interpret, feel, and speak about a specific topic. A philosophy cannot be wrong, nor can it be right, in fact it is an opinion. There are different ways to see something from a personal point of view. Philosophy is a notion of how you feel about something in particular. Education has many philosophies. Famous teachers and knowledgeable men and women throughout years have had their own philosophy of teaching and learning. Their philosophies are the fundamentals of learning today and because there are so many different philosophies of education we are able to produce new and better strategies each year to ensure effective learning in America. My philosophy of education is based on my own definition, what it takes to be an educator, and how education is a vital part of each one of our lives. My philosophy is derived from three different branches of philosophy: metaphysics, epistemology, and finally axiology.

Here is my philosophy of the phenomena we call education based on these three branches.

Education is defined mainly as knowledge acquired by learning and instruction. It usually pertains to academics learned in schools. Education is a vital part of growing up from the time you attend preschool all the way until graduate school. What most individuals do not realize is that education is also incorporated into absolutely everything we do. For example, if your car breaks down on the highway and you do not know how to change a tire, as you watch someone else do it, you learn and you are educated on how to change that tire. We do not always think of education as an everyday experience. Everything we do in our lives is a result of education. We learn how to walk at a young age because we...