My Philosophy of Leadership

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Philosophy of Leadership

My Belief

In developing the idea of what is leadership, I had to examine the importance of leadership within society and its significance to me as an individual. Instead of using the broad definition of leadership to create the framework for my philosophy, I decided to reflect upon the followings; what are the elements that shape the vision of a leader, what are the factors that comprise of a leader and what makes these components compatible to create effective leaders? After conducting a thoughtful reflection on these things, I generated the following personal definition of leadership. Leadership is the process of motivating and engaging others in a vision and empowering them to work towards a shared purpose of achieving success.

I believe that curriculum leadership should involve leaders who have a clear understanding of one's self, others and curriculum management. It is through these understandings that they will be able to achieve success of leading curriculum development and implementation within schools. In addition of having clear understandings; leaders should have a distinctive set of positive characteristics that will guide their actions. I believe that personal integrity is one such characteristic that will foster effective leadership, since my actions as a leader must serve as an example for others and must be based upon honesty, respect and fairness. It is through integrity that I will be committed to tasks and treat individual fairly with the respect for diversity.

As an experimentalist leader, I believe that the society is ever-changing. Due to this, I must be ready to equip myself and others with the skills needed to cope with these changes. The experimentalist leadership principles allow me to accept change and continually seek to discover new ways to expand and improve the education sector. As an education leader, I...