My Phobia

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How can people say dogs are cute and cuddly? They're robust, agile and dangerous. Their teeth could rip through your skin as easy as a knife can slice through butter. I wouldn't say that that's cute and cuddly at all. Dogs have scared me ever since I can first remember, and yet my fear of them has got increasingly worse. No matter the size or shape, the simple fact is I'm absolutely terrified of 'man's best friend'.

I freeze on the spot, not one part of me can move. It feels as if someone has smeared glue into the socket of my eyes. My gaze is fixated on the beast approaching me and I daren't look away. Immediately, my mouth turns dry and I start to get light headed. I glance around for a way to escape but by now it's too late, the dog's already too close. Underneath it's powerful paws the grass is flattened, bowing down to the creature that stands over it.

Soon it will be me, I tell myself, that is trampled beneath those razor claws. My brain commands me to run and get away, but my legs, still frozen in fright, are defiant and refuse to move. This is the end, I'm going to be killed! Panic quickly swims over me and I blank out my surroundings, my world spins round and everything becomes a complete blur. Looming closer still, the putrid yet indescribable smell quickly reaches my nostrils. It's face is clear now, I can pick out all of it's ghastly features. Sharp, grubby teeth line the inside of it's mouth, all of them razor-sharp and ready to tear open my vulnerable skin. Beady eyes, wide and angry are glaring straight at me. It's almost like it's inspecting me, looking for any weaknesses and...