My Pilgrimige

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My Pilgrimage

        My pilgrimage starts with every day. Every day is a new journey, a new adventure. Who knows what it will hold. My journey has a beginning- my first conscious breath each morning- and an end- as soon as I close my eyes and drift to sleep. Sometimes my pilgrimage is longer than others but mostly the same everyday- filled with the same everyday events. Then, there is always the thought- the chance that this day will be different.

        My journey begins. I open my eyes to the clocks angry screams. I do not immediately jump out of bed. I first lie there and try to imagine what my day will hold. It is Thursday- what will I do today? Will I fight the urge to sneeze, to breathe? Will I fight a dragon? Will I find a four-leaf clover, my true love? Will I find my salvation? I swing my legs over the bed to get up.

I hesitate- what if the floor is no longer there? I put my legs down and see that the floor is still there like I left it. I then go to take a shower. I pause- what if blood comes from the faucet like in a horror movie? I stand out of the range and turn the water on and discover that it is merely water. I then get myself ready for the day that lies ahead and make my way outside. I consider- what if the world has turned upside down? I step outside and notice that my feet are on solid ground. I give a short sigh and walk to the CPO. I stop at my box and work the combination. I deliberate- what will I find? Will it be a check for the lottery I won? I open...