My Pledge To America essay

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My Pledge To America

" America, home of the brave and the land of the free." This sentence summarizes what many people think of the United States, both in this country and outside. Of all the countries in the world, America is the one where the average person has the most rights.

Why? Maybe it is because our country was based on the ideals of freedom and justice. Maybe it is because we are a fairly new country, we can change easier, allowing new ideas and actions to take effect more quickly. Or maybe it's simply because the people in our country are of a special breed, one that strives for what is right and just, despite the influence of others.

Why does America appeal to so many? Because it is one , if not the greatest country in the entire world. Yet that brings up another question. What makes this country great? Some would say it's the ethics and morals of the average person, who are concerned with the welfare of not only themselves and those close to them, but also complete strangers.

This country has also established a democracy in which every person has the same rights, everyone is equal.

As a young native person, there are still many things I do not know about this country- the way it works, its history, and much more. Yet I do know enough to appreciate the sacrifices and work that the fighting force of America has made in order to protect its citizens. Civilians everywhere owe their freedom and in some cases even lives to the soldiers who fought for the ideals of freedom, justice, fairness, and peace. Many brave men and women lost their lives in combat for America, yet their deaths were not in vain. Because of their...