My Qualities

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My Qualities

        Qualities are words that describe who we are. It's a description about your behavior and personality. These words express who you are as a person and a friend. I have chosen ten words that best describe who I am.

        I am intelligent. Intelligent means someone who has the ability to think, reason, and learn. People are intelligent and smart because they want to learn and succeed in life. I also think I am smart because I have the ability to acquire knowledge. I believe in order to do well in life people should be motivated to learn and do well in school.

        Ambitious and positive expresses who I am. Ambitious means someone who has the desire to achieve something, determined, and motivated. Positive means someone who maintains to be true, encouraging and helpful. People are ambitious and positive because they are always optimistic. When there is a problem to be solved I always try to look at the bright side instead of all the negative things.

This helps me because I feel better about myself.

        I am energetic and adventuresome. Energetic means someone who is active, full of life, and bouncy. Adventuresome means someone who likes to take risks, is carefree, and daring. People who are energetic and adventuresome are fun to be around and that is why I have adapted to an adventurous quality. For example someone who is adventuresome is never afraid of taking risks and they always have fun.

        I am unique. Unique means someone who is one of a kind. People are unique because they want to stand out and have their own ways of doing things. I also think I am interesting. Interesting means someone who is curios, exciting and out of the ordinary. People are interesting because they like being the center...