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The entirety of the immense ballroom was filled with people dancing and laughing, young girls swaying their long, princess like dresses from side to side, while handsome, young boys in their tuxedos courteously bow before asking them for a dance. The best times in life are the ones that are worth remembering forever. For me one of those worthwhile moments of my life was my Quinceañera. For those who are not familiar with this early Spanish tradition, it is a celebration given for a girl on her fifteenth birthday, similar to the American tradition of a sweet sixteen. It required a great deal of preparation, since we had to begin planning a year beforehand to make certain that everything turned out as perfect as possible. We intended to invite around 250 family and friends to attend at the Red Lion ball room. The celebration, the dancing, the food, the beautiful scenery reflecting from outside, the gathering of old friends, new friends, as well as my entire beloved family has made my fifteenth birthday the paramount birthday of my entire life.

It will definitely be tough to beat.

Even though we had so much time to prepare, we still had to rush last minute with the Court of Honor dance. By the way, the Court of Honor is supposed to consist of fourteen of the birthday girls' closest friends: seven boys and seven girls making her the fifteenth, the special number. However, I only had ten of my best friends participate, five girls, and five boys, so my special number was 11 instead. So, it came to the last week before the party and we hadn't even choreographed the Waltz routine! As many of you know procrastination is not the way to go, especially for big events like these. So we...