My Reactions To The Poetry And Life Of Walt Whitman

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People often use poems to express themselves, to show their feelings and perception about their surroundings. There is no exception as we look at Walt Whitman. Walt Whitman was an American writer who translated into poetry his feelings for the whole world that surrounded him. In Whitman's poems can be seen the imprints of life as he went through it.

        Whitman's life gave him the fundamentals to make him realize what the important things were. The American Civil War was an event that really touched his life. As he worked as a nurse, he experienced the suffering of the war remnants. The sight of seeing a person killing his own brother was an image that broke Whitman in half. How could something attempt to the human essence? That was inexplicable for him.

        He had a very humanistic hierarchy. For him any action that was to be executed was to be in favor of a person.

Expressing an idea so that any another person can understand it was more important than stay confined in a grammar structure. When he felt the necessity of expressing something he easily used slang or even broke the lines to fit the human purpose.

        Whitman had an outstanding talent in perceiving the real and important meaning of what was happening at his side. He could penetrate in the deep importance of things and catch up what really matters. "What is known I strip away, I launch all men and women forward with me into the Unknown." ("Song of Myself", 1135-1136) Whitman was a straight humanist; all he cared was the human being. The human being for him the most perfect thing that have ever existed over that Earth. "If anything is sacred the human body is sacred" ("I Sing the Body Electric" - 8,7)         When we...