My relationships with myself, and others.

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Nothing satisfies like relationships filled with mutual respect, affection, honesty and integrity. When you think of a "Relationship," the first thing that may come to mind is the relationship between a husband and wife, but relationships are important in every area of our lives. From your connection with your parents and children, to your association with co-workers and neighbors; it is important to realize the importance of building relationships.

Most relationships fail because of assumptions-unwritten rules that were never discussed or agreed upon. When universal relationship laws are followed, they lead to a successful life-a life of abundance, productivity, a life that is emotionally and relationally rich-in short, life becomes a celebration. It is important to negotiate the rules of a relationship. But how do you do that. I think with skill, firmness and kindness rather than negative emotional baggage.

The initiating, part of the relationship with my daughter of course was when she was born December 11th 1982, I did not see her until 3 days later.

When I first saw I instantly fell in love. We I held her we bonded, I felt a connection like no other. We got to no each other because I held her as much as any father would want to hold there newborn. However the drugs in my life became more important. I broke up with the mom in 1984.

I continued on my quest of feeling sorry for myself and continued with my drug using. It wasn't until July 1988 that I went to a Detox, then to a 28 day program. My relationship with myself started that day. When my daughter came back into my life I was 4 years clean and she was 10yrs old. I regret a lot of things one is not staying in school and...