My Residency Experience

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On Saturday May 21st the first day of the two day residency; I have to admit I felt as if the world had crash landed right in my lap. I was so frustrated and exhausted by the end of the day; I did not understand the expectations of the residency, nor did I think the Tiffin MBA was something I would enjoy. Dr.Ketter somehow turned all this around for me on Sunday when clearly I understood her expectations.

Ethical Issues in My Undergrad; was an ethics class I will not soon forget. I wrote articles that supported Lutheran principles. I felt as though I was forced to write as if I believed in these principals; however my personal beliefs are based on spiritual principals, not on any one religion. My experience this past weekend with professor Ketter restored my confidence in the teachings of ethics. I was terrified when Dr.

Ketter started the presentation on ethics; however, I left Tiffin with a restored sense of values based on Dr. Ketter's sincerity.

Ethical values may govern one's search for significance, but ones ethics can be whatever a person makes of it. Truly ethical people are usually devout, serious, honest and trustworthy. If professors are of a particular ethical belief, carry these attributes into their teaching of ethics, then surely their student's understanding of ethics will be all the more worthwhile and respected. I think Dr. Ketter accomplished this in her teaching both of Information Technology and of the ethics portion of the residency.

Today is Tuesday May 24th as I start the assignments for class my self confidence has improves with each keystroke.