My role model. Who is the person who always inspires you? Why do you look up to him or her?

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My role model, the famous Archaeologist Howard Carter. Howard Carter was born in London, England, on May 9, 1874, to a lower middle class family. As a small boy, he fell ill frequently and was partially tutored at home. His father taught him how to draw.

Because of his potential, the head of the Egyptian Antiquities service, appointed Carter to the newly established position of Inspector-General of Monuments of Upper Egypt. Carter then took interest in his work and discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen. He was a stubborn and private man which frequently got him into trouble but he managed to discover the tomb.

Tutankhamen was the twelfth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt. He ruled the dynasty for ten years. In this period of time, his army was unbeatable. He had many patriotic soldiers that fought bravely for him. But he was murdered by his immediate successor when he was only nineteen.

Excavating a section of the Pyramid took Carter about ten years. Although he was in frail health, he continued and completed his excavation and died, famous and wealthy. Such self-sacrificing act gained respect from people all over the world.

This inspires me a lot, ten years is a long time. Despite having frail health, the determination to succeed really drives someone to work on something no matter how tough it may be. For me, as I had always interest in computer gaming, I invest most of my time sitting in front of the screen creating graphics. It may take hours or even days just to get a picture nice and ready to be shared. But the reward is worthwhile. After every picture I created, it gives me a sense of satisfaction. When I ask comments from my friends or family, they would praise me and sometimes...