My room: Dreamy or Empty

Essay by gymdogsJunior High, 9th gradeA, May 2004

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It was September, when I came home from a hard day of school, I opened the door to my room, saw the same old, not changed room that I had since two years. I tried to lay down and relax from the day that I had. There was no point I could focus on and let my fantasies flow, no point where I could just start dreaming. The next day I put posters on the walls to get some kind of a better atmosphere in it, but after a few days I didn't like them anymore. Now, I had to think of a better idea on how to make myself comfortable in my room. I went downstairs and turned on the TV; where I saw a show called "Trading Spaces". In this show rooms get designed new. There it was, my idea on how to get myself a better, more comfortable room.

My idea is to design my room new, paint the walls in harmony colors like light yellow and light pink. It would make me feel relaxed and calmed down. I interviewed my mother, about the situation. She considers that " There is too much money spend if every wall is painted" (interviewed Februray7, 2004). This is a major point why it would fail from the beginning. In fact, the first thing to do before the planning for a room begins, is asking for the prices of equipments needed. When I checked the store "Kmart" I found out that paint costs between twenty to thirty dollars. Different colors have different pigments in them and it depends on what is in the color, how much paint costs. The other equipments, like roller or paint brush sure can be used again, so it doesn't have to be thrown away after everything...