My Soul Was Set Free

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The thin air held a frigid tone this evening, and a slight breeze brought a sudden rush of coldness to my face.

"It's safe Tom. Come NOW!" My pounding heart raced as I stumbled to the nearest tree. It was very dark (almost pitch black) outside, and tonight we were being hunted. We had to rely on our instincts, and just hope and pray that the Master Johnson's dogs wouldn't detect us.

As the night grew deep, I began to glance around. Our eyes soon became accustomed to the darkness, so that we could distinguish the forestry around us. The trees were dusky, with an evergreen scent, and they supplied us with helpful cover.

As I leaned against the large oak, I thought of the possibility that I might die. I am only 17 years old. When Billy and I was going over the escape plan we never discussed the possibility of getting caught.

Now the harsh reality was beginning to set in but It was too late to turn back now. Why did I listen to Billy and all his talk about going up north so we could be free? I am just not ready to die. ''Why are you shaking Tom? There is no reason to be scared, I will take care of you, I promise.'' Billy said "Here's what we'll do," he whispered, "you see that plantation over there?" I hurriedly replied "Yep." "Well that's the old McKay plantation. I'll go first, then you follow." Just then he dashed in front of me in the direction of the abandoned plantation. A minute had passed, and I now decided that it was my turn to run. Just then a loud *CRASH* sounded from where Billy ran. My mind began pacing back and forth, wondering what had just...