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In order to accomplish my goals in the life I have to have a set plan. This is what I have come up with. Graduate high school and move on to college. In college I plan to study criminal law to prepare myself for becoming an orange county sheriff. After I finishing preparing for the police exam, and reach the age of 20, I will take the written part of the testing. If passed I will then move on to the physical fitness part of the training. After all of this is completed I will then move on to the academy. The academy will show me real life situations that I will face as a sheriff. The academy is several months long and will involve me being in doors and out, as well as day and night exercises. I picked this career because ever since I was a little boy I've always wanted to be an officer.

Be able to drive around the fast squad cars with the flashing lights, loud siren, and be able to carry a gun. To uphold the law and be an important figure in the community.

        Not only do I want to be a police officer but also I want to be a swat team sniper. This requires more training and I will have to pass another fitness test as well as monthly fitness check ups. Being apart of the swat team would mean an extra 175 dollars a month cause of the extra knowledge and the higher risk of danger. A swat team member must know all the positions there are in squad. From sniper, to squad leader, and be overall stronger than an average sheriff. Being a part of the swat team would be exciting and challenging, and that is what I want in a job.

        I have also figured out tat the starting salary for an entry level sheriff is 4,191 dollars a month before taxes, so that means that I after taxes I am looking to take home abut 3,300 dollars. For a yearly salary, before taxes, I will be making 50,303 dollars, and after taxes I will be looking at 39,600 dollars. With this salary my goals in life will most definitely be accomplished.

        With the income I will be making, I will be able to take a 2 week cruise from Florida to the grand caiman islands. With many stops in between. I am looking at an exact price of 4,943 dollars, for one. This price will include air fair, meals, and some beverages, on board entertainment, daily activity, and gratuities. Of course some spending money will be needed, so I am planning on spending not only 4,943 dollars, but also at least 500 dollars additional to spend on the islands.

        I also want to take a couple weekend trips to Mexico and big bear, throughout my years as a police officer. In Mexico I plan to stay at my parents beach house so that I will only have to worry about paying for food water and gas. I am expecting to spend about 300 dollars on the on these necessary articles. I will also be taking an additional 200 dollars to play with. When I go to big bear will also be staying at my parents cabin. So again I will only have t pay for food and gas (the water in big bear is drinkable un like the water in Mexico). These articles will cost me 250 dollars. I will also be taking an additional 200 dollars to play with. I don't plan to take these trips around the same time, but plan to spread them out throughout the years.

        While I am starting out as a deputy I plan to live in an apartment. So will be spending about 750-1000 dollars a month on rent. I will also be putting 300 dollars a month away to save for a down payment on a house. I hope to own a home within 5 years of starting at the orange county sheriffs department. Until that happens I will be staying in an apartment. But luckily I will be able to afford this with the income I will be making.

        I wish to have a nice sized family of 4. I wan t two children, 1 boy and 1 girl, a beautiful wife, and myself. With my income and my wife's, I have no doubts that my wife and I can support our children in the very best way. Most people want all these toys to have for themselves and their family, like motorcycles, RVs, and boats. I personally don't wish to have these items. I just want to have a truck and a car. I don't really like any of the toys most people do. I am an ordinary guy.

        This is how I want my life to turn out. I will do anything possible to achieve the goals. I know it is going to be hard, but when I want something this bad I will do anything it take. I not only want to do this for the money, but manly for the education and discipline. It will also give me responsibility. I only hope that with all the effort I plan to put in to this profession that it will not fall through. That my dream will be realized. I will become a sniper for the orange county sheriffs swat team.