My summer in Hawaii

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Have you ever been to Hawaii? Well I have and it is such a beautiful island I enjoyed my hotel, which was in a city called Waikiki. I saw many tourists there by my hotel and while I was roaming the stores. Mostly the tourists were Vietnamese. Hawaii has a lot of ABC stores, every block, I saw one. Certain places that I went in Hawaii had the aroma of the ocean, which was also a beautiful view. When my dad took my family and I to go snorkeling at the beach down the street I was excited. I saw millions of tadpoles swim right past me like a swarm of bees. I also saw about five or six sea turtles, they weren’t afraid of me but I was definitely scared of them, just because when I looked down, they were almost as big as me. The ocean was an amazing sight to see especially when I saw different colored fish like; blue, silver, yellow, partly red, and even partly black.

The fish had wonderful combinations of colors.

My over all vacation lasted two weeks. I stayed eight days in Hawaii and six days in Kona which is just another island. I heard that Hawaiians call Kona the rock island, because at almost all of Kona’s beaches there are rocks everywhere. The six days that I spent in Kona, I stayed in a resort. This time it was across the street from a beach instead of down the street. I saw a lot of kids from the age of four to twenty. Without thinking twice I jumped into a wave and to my surprise a buggy-board slammed right in my stomach. I felt like crying because it hurt so bad. But in no time I was in there again catching...