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My Telletubbie's Point of View         Hello, my name is Telletubbie, but you can call me Tubbi for short. I am a yellow, overstuffed doll that looks exactly like the Telletubbies seen on pbs, only smaller. On the back of my head, I have white stitches sewn by my owner. Probably if you saw me for the first time you would get disgusted, but once you get to know me you'll change your views.

My owner's name is Jennifer Lee and we were first introduced on the day of her 13th birthday, the 27th of December. I was given to her as a present from her friend named Gina. At first, Jennifer liked me a lot and put me in a special place in her room; the right side of her bed. Until, she saw an episode of x-files about a possessed killer doll. I have to admit, it scared me too.

After watching that episode she gave me looks like I was going to kill her or something. She was so frightened of me, that she gave me to her dog whose name is Doolee to rip me up. Unfortunately, Doolee loved to bother me and played with me every second of his life and that's how I got so unattractive looking. Doolee made my life miserable and painful.

Sometimes when I would be lying around on the carpet I would hear Jennifer calling,"Teletubbie!", which isn't a good thing to hear. Whenever she says that, Doolee comes running down the stairs and grabs me by the neck with his disgusting saliva drooling down my face, ugh! Do you feel my pain? Anyways, I hate this dog, but I love Jennifer so much. She seems like an okay person, I guess, except when she's in a grouchy mood, trust me; you don't want to see her like that. It's so weird, one second she's all happy and cheerful and turn around, she acts like a demon child.

Sometimes, Doolee takes me a long with him to check up on what Jennifer is doing, and basically all she does is talk on the phone with her friends and look at herself in the mirror. Her conversations are never interesting and they're always about dance. All Jennifer thinks about is dance, dance, and dance! She's crazy about it. In her room, she has posters of dancers and hung up pointe shoes on her wall showing her "dance pride". I don't understand how she finds this stuff interesting. I never seen how Jennifer dances, but I know she has a great passion about it and wants to make it her future goal. I hope I'll still be alive to watch Jennifer grow and reach for her desired future and if anything ever interesting happens, I'll be sure to give you the 411. I guess I'll go back into her backpack now, Goodbye!