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Are space and time entwined? I believe that they are. With that theory comes the belief that if you alter space you also alter time. Many people think very 2 dimensionally and believe that because the measurement of time is man made that time itself is not tangible, but the forementioned theory of the symbiotic circle that space and time possess certainly prove that wrong, for if you can alter space you alter time. Certainly in order to alter time we would have to start with the alteration of space. Thus the previously mentioned theory of harnessing magnetics in order to alter space. Harnessing magnetics may allow us to very well harness gravity in its purest essence. Am i playing God in any way......

it's debateable but being the devout Christian that I am, I have used several personal references.... (i.e. friends/pastors.... other religious associates) to determine that nowhere in scripture does it speak on suck theorems or the possibiltiy of altering time itself.

1.3 Will being able to travel through time create paradoxes? I have never believed this because once the paradox has occured it will cease to exist. In a person's memory it will alaways be a constant reminder of the dangers of time travel. The paradox may stay in the same point in time but the body in which it affected will move ahead in time as it would in other period. The person would understand what has occured and become wary of such dangers.

1.4 The "so-called" dangers of time travel.

If it were ever possible to travel through time, it would be an irreversible folly of man not to be able to monitor such experiments. There has to be a full monitoring of all things that ocur, for if there was no surveillance than people would have free reign to alter time as they chose to and saw fit (i.e going back and killing a significant historical figure to better society's future.) This would be bad juju.

1.5 Is des ja voux caused by fluxes in the space time continuum?? I honestly believe this to be true.... though it is debateable whether or not it is a fleeting image from a dream. It seems to be a very logical and obvious answer as vague as it may seem. MY believe is that a des ja voux experience is a sign of a person seeing the future right before it happens so you don't regard it as such a clarvoyance, yet we immediately register as a "coincidence." This is believed to be caused by a flux in the space time continuum.

1.6 Is space time linear.

Since this is a widely known and accepted theory, many reject it today due to the naivety of human life. I believe that when gravity is applied to space-time, it alters it. Similar to they way you may place a ball on a water bed and watch as the water bed conforms to the balls weight.

1.7 Does the theory of blackholes undermine the theory that states that space and time are entwined? Absolutely not, if it does anything it proves it more than disproves it. The gravitational force produced by the theoretical black hole is theorized to affect the space-time plane the same way a planet or star may.... but the black actually is believed to bend time and space to the point where no light can even escape it.