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Yasin Mahmud

September 20th-May 29th

Cardinals for Life

Part I - Description of the Service Project: Agency & Responsibilities

For my 24 hour junior service project, I chose to participate in the organization called "Cardinals for Life". I have yet not completed all of my hours, but I have attended and worked at a garage sale, which was hosted by St. Charles. I have a close relation with St. Charles, since I am an attending student, so my contact with the volunteer coordinator and close relations with the community made this service group convenient for me personally.

My decision for signing up with the organization, "Cardinals for Life" was convenient because I know the community and members quite well. The type of services that I attend are either in close relation with St. Charles, or is at St. Charles. When I signed up for the organization, Mr.

Warner, my religion teacher, gave me a well dissected overview and explanation about the purpose for the organization.

I attended a garage sale which was hosted by St. Charles, and part of the organizations "Cardinals for Life", as well as "St. Vincent De Paul Clothing Center". My work consisted of separating clothes into different categories, such as, jeans, pants, night wear, formal, casual, males from females, coats, jackets, under armor, and more. While I categorized the clothes, I also folded them with a group of fellow students, and put them in their respective places. I also categorized different items such as, toys, books, kitchen ware, house ware, and miscellaneous items. I helped accommodate people's needs by pricing items at a relatively low price, as well as, helping our customers carry their heavy or house items which they had bought to their vehicle. I also loaded all of...