My Trip to Eastern of America

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On summer vacation I went to the library every day and it looked like I lived there.

Day by day I was getting bored. And one of those days, suddenly, I thought what was I doing here? “Hey, Ryon, This is the first long vacation in U.S.A. Do something!! Go for something special!! Eventually, I decided to make a trip and I started to make a plan.

I found five people who study in ELI, Koreans, like me, and I asked them about traveling. They were feeling bored as much as I was, so we started to make plans. We estimated budget for one-week-trip and chose districts where we wanted go. We tried to get information how to make a trip in best way from someone who already traveled in U.S.A. and so on. Finally, we did it in just 5 days. Not all of our plan looked like perfect.

But we all were ready to go to out of Knoxville because we just had wanted it.

So, our plan was to go to N.Y City first and to go up to Canada to see Niagara Falls and in our way to come back Knoxville, to sightsee at Washington D.C. All of us were excited because we just got a chance to get out of reality!! The day we waited to leave Knoxville reached down to us, finally. “Here we go! Let’s go to N.Y City!!” During the trip, we always drove from one city to another city at night to save our time. Sometimes, we had a meal on the highway even though we were sleepy. I can say that it was the hardest trip I’ve ever done. On the second day, we could see the sign, N.Y City 1 mile, on the highway. Manhattan!! I can’t forget first time...