My Trip to France

Essay by thekingandqueen February 2009

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Upon arriving in Paris, I first went to see the illuminated Eiffel Tower at night. After waiting on a long line, finally getting on the cramped elevator reminded me of being on a New York City subway at rush hour as I could barely breathe. However, once I got to the top of the Eiffel Tower, looking down at Paris lit up was quite breathtaking and unforgettable. One could see the glistening moonlight bouncing off the Seine River which added to the realness of this experience. On the way back to the tour bus, I saw that all the shops were still open. It was twelve o’ clock at night, but the Parisians were still active!The next day I went to the Louvre where I saw the beautiful masterpiece - the Mona Lisa. To be quite frank, though, it was not that exciting to me; however, there was a lot of hype surrounding it.

This meant I could not leave Paris without seeing it. It was behind glass and was a lot smaller than I had imagined it to be. There were tourists shoving me to get pictures, so I ended up quickly viewing it and going around the museum to see the other works of art. Their beauty should get more attention in comparison to the Mona Lisa.

On the way to the Notre Dame Cathedral, I stumbled upon a particularly interesting sight, the oldest tree in Paris. This huge Gothic church with gargoyle statues guarding it was nothing like anything I had seen in the United States. Once inside and awed by its grandeur, I knew I could spend hours there. Most of its stained glass had been destroyed in the World Wars. There was only one original left and I got to see it. On the way...