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My understanding of philosophy looks something like the following: Philosophy is a view or look at all things in the universe. Philosophy deals with nature and reality. With regard to nature, ones own nature, the nature of the universe along with the nature of God. Philosophy also deals with concepts, principles, techniques, and disciplines. Even though philosophy seems to include material like science, religion and art, it is not science, religion or art. There are no facts or formulas to memorize or clear cut problems to solve. Philosophy is reasoning, dialogue and argument. Philosophy deals more with discipline and understanding of values and reality by speculative measures rather than observational means. It also seems that philosophy is a form of managing problems so a conclusion becomes evident. I have heard it said that philosophy is a search for the truth. This is my understanding of philosophy. I wonder if my description of philosophy will be the same after this course.

I would think that the value in studying philosophy would be great for anyone who has an open mind, heart and maybe even soul. The study of philosophy could play positive in both the contemporary world along with the business world. The study of philosophy could enlighten and enlarge ones range of things like self knowledge, foresight and the sense of direction in life.

I would think the study of philosophy would increase skills in areas such as communication, writing skills, persuasive skills and just general problem solving.

In order to make yourself clear when speaking or sharing your own views can be looked at as improving on ones communication skills. When someone is able to put their theories, beliefs, common sense and convictions that are in their mind into words and do it effectively would be improving on communication...