My Unforgettable childhood events after Middle School Graduation

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I have some bad while some good incident or occasions, which are never forgettable for me. For example, my circumstance after completing middle school graduation, which was good in one-way of thinking; however, it is bad in my way of thinking. Every person or family or country has some unforgettable occasion or events. For instance, America had the 9/11 incident, which is considered bad for USA.

        I was an average student when I was in Middle school and had so many dreams to fulfill after graduations such as to go for vacations, making fun with friends, etc., but there was someone who wanted to prove himself that he was enemy of my happiness. As I completed my middle school with good grades along with the age of 14, my dad came to me and said "I have a big surprise for you." He said he got something, which would be helpful for me, along with studying in the High school.

First of all, I became happy by thinking that he brought a new bike for me. However, that happiness was with me until he said what the surprise was. As soon as he told me about his surprise, I was really shocked and was not happy anymore, because he wanted me to help him in his business, which is a small printing press. I thought that I would make fun with my friends and enjoy my life fully when I completed my middle school and would go to the High school to get a higher education. I did not understand why he was trying to snatch my freedom, as I was expecting a good gift from him. I was not happy with my dad after knowing his intension for me. The reason for my unhappiness is that I did not...