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My moral values are fairness, religious belief, responsibility, self-respect, and gratitude. These are the values statements which I practice everyday in my life. I considered these statements most important to me because I believe they can help me live a more effective and dignified life.

Fairness to me is very important. A person who works hard deserves reward and encouragement. Either it is success or failure because no one wants to be a loser. It is not fair for the time and effort that she or he puts into a job just to get an assault. If she or he has done her or his best, what else do we expect? Are you always be perfect? Didn't you ever fail before in our life? If you did failed, how did you feel? To me, if I work hard, and I don't get anything back, I will be really mad. In school if I study hard, I expect a good grade or encouragement, not an assault.

If my teacher doesn't give me a credit for my hard studying in his or her class, I will give myself one because I deserved it. Several years ago it was my first time in high school in The United States and I met a U.S. History teacher who made me really upset. He evaluated my academic grade on whatever I got on the tests. As long as I got good grade on test, he didn't care whether I studied hard or not. I wasn't good in English at that time, I studied really hard, tried to look up every word in the dictionary which I didn't understand, and I read every section in the book but I still didn't do good on my test at all. He said I didn't work hard enough, was...