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Throughout the years, people like Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein have stirred the minds of the public and shaped their views of science. In fact, they've shaped the entire lifestyle of the world of today. People like Robert Gentry and Russell Humphreys are quickly pushed from the public's mind because they dare to challenge the popular views. The Creation vs. Evolution debate has sparked many a fight and forced the public to pick sides. In this paper I intend to express my view, and more importantly, the astronomical, geological, and biological evidence that supports it.

Though I've only scratched the surface, I've been able to find numerous cases of strong astronomical evidence supporting a young earth view. This evidence can be seen in the stars, planets, and our sun. People have been studying that sun for years, and have been carefully measuring its dimensions. Interestingly, they have noticed that it decreases in size by about 6% percent every 500 years.

Evolutionists say that the earth is around four and a half billion years old; but, if you take the amount of size lost each year and reverse it, only 210 million years ago, the sun would have been touching the earth. That would be just in the middle of the Jurassic era (The Geologic Time Scale) and, unless the dinosaurs of that day had serious sun block, I doubt that they, or any other thing, could have survived. Keep going, and the earth would be entirely enveloped in the sun, causing the planet in essence, to melt. Thus fore, we can conclude that the earth is most definitely not 4.5 billion years old. (Coy) In addition, the Poynting-Robinson effect states that particles orbiting the sun tend to slow, allowing the suns gravitational forces to pull them in. In only 2...