My Viewpoint on “My Philosophy about that…” and the Meaning of “Philosophy”.

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My Philosophy Vs. Philosophy


My Philosophy on That Is…

A common phrase heard today is" My philosophy on that is…" This phrase is widely thrown around and used to express a person's particular viewpoint on the subject being discussed. But I ask what the meaning behind this statement is? What is it they are truly telling us when they say this? I believe that the answer to these questions is a simple one. Basically it boils to a general form of Ideology. It is them expressing their ideas about the topic at hand or their general thoughts and beliefs about it.

What Is Ideology

The term Ideology has been around for more than two-hundred years. It was first used in 1796 by Antoine Destutt de Tracy when he used it to describe the "science of ideas". This was his way of saying the study of the actual science involved instead of the study of the subjects involved.

( This was a first time this idea was thought of. Up until then everything seemed centered around just studding the actual subjects themselves or itself.

Now today we common see the term ideology used to describe a person's set of beliefs, closely held set of values and or feelings. It is used most often to reflect how a person views the world them and the moral systems they hold themselves to live by.

Ideology also tends to refer to this outlook of ours about the world around us in a very different way than Philosophy does. It differs in such a way as within ones ideology there is no room for reason or even thoughts about how another's thoughts could be a more possible outcome or answer. Their ideas and...