My views on the controversial gameboard Ghettopoly.

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The term "ghetto" is defined as a quarter of a city in which members of a minority group live especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure. The game name "Ghettopoly" technically applies to all minority groups, but African Americans are the primary group that is feeling offended. Why should the black society be offended by this at all? Leonardo Pitts, a journalist, feels that he should be obligated by this game because Rev. Al Sharpton said he should be. Pitts should not be influenced through the perspective of others, but only by his own. Other then his first remark, he wrote a remarkable article with several points that I agree with.

Pitts and I share the same opinion about the unfairness of the campaign that targeted David Chang, creator of Ghettopoly. Chang obtained the ideas for the board game from the media, which should be the factor responsible for the condescending images it portrays of the minority society.

Some people have portrayed African Americans as low in society because people tend to believe what they see. African Americans have been portrayed this way due to images of themselves pimping, drug-dealing, and drive-by shooting on the media for the past fifteen years. This act of stereotyping could have been avoided or ended by simply refusing to act as those roles in movies; they allowed themselves to be depicted as such by continuing that characterization.

Many African Americans, in particular young black adults and teenagers often call and see each other as "niggas," "playas," "pimps" and "hos;" and it is tolerable among them. However, they will not accept being called such derogatory names by other races. Even though some African Americans depict themselves by calling each other names they do not want to be called by others, they do not want...