My views on Georgia O'Keeffe's art works and the way she paints.

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Georgia O'Keeffe's work was so great because she painted things in an abstract way, but they were still familiar to the viewer. She used vivid, bold colours and shapes of nature. She would change the scale of an object so much that it would fill up a whole canvas. Like for example "from the faraway nearby", witch is a painting of a deer's skull. The title of this painting refers to the "faraway," a location that the artist once said was " a beautiful, untouched lonely-feeling place." Georgia O'Keeffe painted familiar things of nature that were around her, such as flowers. In 1929 when she visited a friend in Mexico, her life and art changed. She painted objects found in the desert such as: a sun bleached animal skull and dessert sky. She used the colours of the Southwest in her paintings-tans, greys, reddish browns and whites.

She was also interested in painting "negative space", such as the hole in a pelvis bone or the space between clouds.

" Pelvis, red and yellow," 1960. Is one of many examples of this, In this painting, O'Keeffe interprets the pelvis bone with a fiery palette of reds and yellows, differentiating it from the more naturalistic colouring of the other pelvis pictures.

I like Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings because of the beautiful colours and oversized objects. When I look at one of her flower paintings, such as "Red Poppy", I could stare at it for a long time and find so much detail. Georgia O'Keeffe made a simple object that I normally take for granted and turned it into something really important and beautiful.

I personally think that O'Keeffe was an artistic genius. She created a new way to look at objects that we take for granted, and paved the way for many women...