My weekend in Atlanta

Essay by jaybrog January 2005

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The monotony of the weeks had set in and I longed for a change, for some excitement, for something new. My friends and I had been invited to attend a wedding in Atlanta and I spent the week preparing for the trip. I packed my kitbag as if I would be gone for a month, even though it was only a weekend trip.

As my friends and I planned for our trip, the excitement in my voice was obvious. It was as if I had never been out of Valdosta, but the truth was, I had not been anywhere for the entire semester. I had been joggling a sixteen hour course load at school, a forty hour work week and as if that was not enough, I had the added bonus of a confusing relationship.

Everyone at work new I would be out of town that weekend, I made it my business to talk about it everyday that week.

My friends warned that I was not coming back given the luggage I was packing, and my heart kept leaping, with each leap, hoping I would soon land in Atlanta.

We set off Friday evening, an hour later than we had planned, but that was ok, I had a lot of last minute things to do. We loaded the Nissan Maxima; four proud Belizeans, with the Belizean flag hanging on the rear view mirror and cultural music blasting from the speakers. We were going to have a weekend to remember.

The drive to Atlanta was three and a half hours long, but I was not surprised at all to find myself sleeping in the first hour of the drive. I had a long week and I was tired indeed. The remainder of the trip was just as relaxing as the first...