My Work Experience         For my work experience I went to

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My Work Experience         For my work experience I went to Vokes Hair Studio in Northampton. It was my own placement. I chose that particular place because I thought it looked nice and also thought it was what I wanted to do. My friend works there so she managed to sort out all the forms for me, which was very nice of her and also organised my transportation to and from work.

        I went in on a Saturday for my interview with the manager and owner of Vokes (Colin Vokes). I was extremely scared but once I met him I was alright. I was told that I could only wear black, white or red clothing and only shoes were allowed. My hours were 9am to 5:30pm with 45 minutes lunch break.

        On the very first morning I went in with my friend and I was not worried as I had already met the staff before.

I was shown what I would be required to do during the 2 weeks. I learnt how to wash hair, which was more fun than I had expected and learnt all the different stages in hairdressing. When the salon was not very busy I learnt how to style hair on the dummy heads. Sometimes I helped with perms, which I loved doing. I enjoyed learning and found nothing boring whatsoever.

        I worked in a very clean, pleasant surrounding and the staff were very welcoming towards me. They made me feel like an adult, not a school girl. At lunch times I was invited to go out socializing with the staff. Sometimes my brother and all his college friends would come and meet me, which I enjoyed as I think they are all very funny.

        In the 2 weeks I never actually worked with Colin because he was on holiday so there was some rule bending. We would all have a McDonalds breakfast in the morning, which would have been not allowed.

        There are many differences between work and school. I thought school was hard but as soon as you experience the real world, school is a whole different place. I now look at school as the best years I will probably have, so now I am making the most of it. However, the way you are treated at work is much better than at school. You are respected more and treated the same as an adult. This made me feel important and as if I made a difference to the company, which I was told I did.

        I did like work experience by the end of the 2 weeks, even though it was hard. It has changed my attitude. The first day and the last day were completely different. I was confused the first day and was standing about most of the time but the last few days I felt comfortable to find something to do.

        I’m very grateful for being able to go on this experience and thank all the people that helped me. I was offered a job there on Saturdays and for when I leave school so I will take that into consideration.