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The movie Glory is about the courageous battle for freedom that the black men risked their lives for. The first all black Union Regiment of the 54th Massachusetts gave their lives because they were more than willing to. They enlisted because they knew that they were making history. They were the first black enlisted men in the military.                 The men of the 54th were paid as laborers. They were paid less than the white men to give the same service. They were not recognized as they should have been. Even after the Battle of Fort Wagner, the men of the 54th Massachusetts weren't given a hero's welcome. They gave their lives for a cause that they believed in, complete freedom.

        The main character's included: Matthew Broderick as Colonel Shaw, Cary Elwes as Cabot Forbes, Denzel Washington as Trip and Morgan Freeman as Sergeant Major John Rawlins.

        Col Robert Shaw was 23 years old when he enlisted to fight in the Civil War.

He was the leader of the first ever all black regiment. He tried to play by the rules of a commanding officer, but sometimes, the real person came out in him. He consistently wrote home to his parents, they were Boston abolitionists. When he was offered the Colonel position, he made his friend a Major of his Regiment. Often throughout the movie, Major Forbes lets him know he is being to harsh with the men. Eventually he lightens up and is proud of his men. He leads them proudly through the stretch to Fort Wagner.

        Major Cabot Forbes is a lifelong friend of Col Shaw. He is a good leader, but he has a big heart. He believes in his men and he treats them equally. He is not racist at all. Throughout the movie he speaks...