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"Are you crazy?" What would your Grandfather think!" The ideas of the Mydral Model may have worked back in the day; but in my social group these statements/rules are a bit controversial. The six stand points of the model are still held to a high regard within my friends and family. I was raised with the notion of racism in my family, and so were my friends. Although, I do have my own views and opinions they sometimes conflict with what my family and friends "accept."

If I were to bring home a girl of different racial background I would most likely be scolded and questioned among my social group. Personally I would not date/have sexual contact with a person from a different racial/ethnic background. Some people may say that is stereotyping, but my first impression of a person with a diverse culture usually are not my type. In fact I believe that if I brought a girl with a different ethnic background as me, my social group would ridicule me for doing so.

Not to mention that through my personal experiences I have not found women from other races that attractive. Either it's the group of friends that they may be with, or the attitude they give always seem to be a lot stronger when the girl is not the same race. A perfect example of this would be in my high school. Many a time I tried to meet people and I always seemed to get the same response.

If having to encounter a situation with an elevator full of African Americans, honestly, yes I would be intimidated; and would wait for a different elevator. Again, my personal experience with African Americans has not been great. However if a group in the elevator were Asians, I would not...