Myer's loyalty program: business process and business practice

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Report (1)Description of MyerMyer is one of the market leaders in Australian retailing industry. Its first store opened in 1900. With continue development, Myer became a large-scale department store (Myer (a), 2008). 108 years later, Myer has 65 stores in Australia. It has new and innovative ways of displaying products within the stores. For its customer, Myer has always been committed to offering a great variety of products (Myer (b), 2008). In addition, it has also established a range of credit cards which are linked to their Myer One reward program. The program is aimed at attracting customers to visit and shop at the stores continually and thus maintaining their loyalty.

Loyalty ProgramMyer has established Myer One reward program via the use of Myer One Card. It is free to sign up for the program. As a member, customers will receive 2 shopping credit points for every dollar then spend at Myer.

When customers have earned 2000 credit points, they will be rewarded with a 20-dollar Myer One Gift Card (Myer (c), 2008). It encourages customers to shop at Myer frequently and be rewarded. Moreover, it also gives customers a perception that shopping at Myer is more rewarding than other stores of similar nature, such as David Jones.

Store CardA store card refers to the card that can only be used in a particular store. Myer has its own store card called the Myer Card. It is a credit card that can only be used at Myer. It features no annual fee and a 62-day interest-free period provided that cardholders pay their account in full by the due dates. However, some conditions apply such as a minimum amount of purchase (Myer (d), 2008). Some other fees and charges may also be applicable. For example, late fees, payment handling fees, special...