By myself I'll stay. I am an actress. two poems

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By Myself I'll Stay

Noone wants to listen

So I close myself in

I hide what I feel

With the world at my heel

Always one step behind

My soul, they'll never find

It's hidden in a lock box

I'm gaurding it like fox

So please don't try to look

I'm afraid you'll be a crook

I wish that life would go away

Or that I could just runnaway

Sometimes I wish you would die

Or that I could just cry

I wish that life would be easier

This poem could'nt be cheasier

But this is how I feel

I'm trying to be real

I am an Actress

Paint a pretty picture

Evenly on your face

Wear a long sleeve shirt

To cover up the scrapes

Put on a pair of glasses

To camouflage the tears

Keep that smile plastered

To conceal all your fears

Pride is all you have

Is what I hear them say

So I convert your eyes

away fom my lies

I do this every single day