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Everyday, I watch the sun rise,

In the hope, that it will bring a surprise

Eventually, though I do realize

That it can bring only darkness and demise...

Since I met her, I've been anticipating

Now, when she's gone, my life is dissipating.

When it began, there was love, tender and care

Only to end up in agony, fury and flare.

It feels like my heart is hit hard by harpoons,

While, my head is weary of the typhoons.

My life has been all about ups and downs,

Meeting old and new, bloody damn those clowns!

This poem has meaning, way deeper than just the rhyme,

Although, my efforts have turned out to be slime.

It's such a good feeling when 'something' is received,

But ask me how it feels, when that 'thing' is deprived.

I always thought you would give me a reason,

For your unrealistic and uncharacteristic treason.

After all these seasons, I have forgotten it all

Cause it's too late and I am about to fall.

It's not just about death and life,

It's about my strive with my strife.

Whenever I try to rise,

I fall back due to the high price.

In this web, I am a small cut part,

Who is looking ahead for a whole new start.

Weaknesses are all I profess,

And this is all I have to confess...

So, is this all that life can be?

All to do with sadness and misery...

I've always wanted to be free

But, my life is still a mystery.