Mystery Lady

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Different ethnicities, age groups, and, personalities but we all have that one same belief. My church may be small in numbers, but the genuine spirit of your fellow members is great in mass. To be a member of my church can be a joyful setting to fellowship with those you love, an adventure, and at times a brutal war zone.

The beat of drums, the shake of tambourines, the melody of the organ, and the angelic voice of a young child make the building one joyful place to be. Every church member is off the pews and on their feet rocking to the inspiring gospel music. The shiny-suit-wearing men with the matching shoes in the pulpit sing along with their tenor and bass voices. The overly-perfumed, short women, with the big fancy hats and the matching dresses hum rhythmically. At this particular moment the usual sleepy-heads that you catch every once and a while dozing off are also amped up.

After all the devotion is done next it's time to hear the preacher bring The Word. All the members rest on the burgundy pews anxious to hear the sermon, with The Holy Bible, and a pen and pad in hand ready for the important notes to jot down.

The adventure begins after the sermon, when we extend the doors of the church to those who want to join, confess, or just recommit themselves to the Lord. The ushers, dressed in their clean, crisp white blouses and there just dry-cleaned black skirts, with sharper moves than the U.S. Army, motion there way to the front of the alter to place the tan medal chairs in their position. A disheveled lady hesitates to stand but then continues. Slowly but surely she makes her way up to the front of the church. Her...