The mystery of the red box.

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On the morning of February 14, there was peace at school; no student shouting over the big clean grounds of school; no angry teacher scolding; all was calm and quiet. There were no vehicles outside on the streets surrounding the school. Both the watchmen of the school were sitting on the two chairs outside -- bored with their usual job -- one of them was sleeping while the other finally decided to read the newspaper.

I was spending the quiet time in the school library looking outside the big library window fitted with a spotless glass. I was watching around the empty streets and humming my favourite song Boulevard of broken dreams by Green day when a purple coloured Pajero caught my sight. The Pajero turned towards the school gate. The school guards stood up and opened the gates to let the Pajero enter. As the vehicle entered, the guards greeted whoever was sitting inside.

I did not know who was in the car but the gatekeepers seemed to know the person inside. I was confused. I kept staring at the purple vehicle. As the Pajero stopped, the gatekeepers ran towards the door and opened the vehicle's door with gratitude. A middle aged man came out of the Pajero. He was dressed like a gentleman with shiny black boots. His grey hairs were neatly combed. He had a grin on his face.

"He seems to be happy about...something," I thought but I could not figure out whether that grin was supposed to be a sweet one or an evil one. He then bent towards the backseat and took out a big box wrapped in a red paper.

Hundreds of thoughts rushed into my mind regarding the man and the red box in his hands. "Who is that person? Is he...