The Mystery of the Three, is a story about three criminals attempting to steal shipwreaked artifacts.

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Maud and Robert flung their bags next to Jeffery's on the dock and climbed into the small submarine, moving quickly so they would not be caught. [Participle] Using the cover of the night to remain stealthy, Robert expertly screwed down the hatch of the sub, taking great care that it would not squeak. His breathing increased and got deeper, he was panicking. Just like most criminals, he regretted being part of this plot, as he was not only risking the rest of his life behind bars, but his life itself. Trying to calm his nerves, he stumbled down from the steps of the hatch. "Turn her on and l-l-lets go." stuttered Maud, who was also giving a hint of nervousness in her unsteady voice. She didn't like Herr Robert Schröder, ex-commander. She chose him that day in the Paris catacombs to be part of this plot because he was the only person who knew how to operate a submarine; that came from being in the German Navy.

Maud was becoming quite stubborn and irritable these days, as being the mastermind behind the crime is never an easy job. It seemed so simple, but now everything seemed to make her nervous. His silence made her nervous. His evil face and squinty eyes made her nervous. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as the submarine descended into the dark waters.

Robert grumbled. It would be another half hour until they reached the shipwreck, where the sunken artifacts would be found, along with the smuggler's launch that carried them. He set the switches, jammed the throttle to full power, and leaned back in his seat. This will all be over soon, he thought, We get there, meet up with Jeff, load up the baskets, and go back. And then... Robert,