The Mystery of Time

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Feeling that familiar aching of my back due to the two hours I had spent sitting down in front of the television, I stood up and stretched. My joints screamed in agony and I winced. My husband gave me a look of concern and I smiled to assure him I was fine. I was not sure if I was fine, though. Having reached my sixty-sixth birthday a few months back, my body was not feeling very young anymore. I walked slowly to the balcony and looked up at the stars which were just beginning to appear in the beautiful night sky. I felt the rush of cool breeze against my skin and closed my eyes.

Tomorrow is a very important day for my husband and I – our fiftieth anniversary. Not fifty years of being married, but fifty years of being in love with each other. I could not believe how fast time had passed but it was definitely a very well-spent fifty years of my life.

As I sat on the rocking chair in the balcony, my thoughts flew back to my younger days, or to be more precise, how everything started out fifty years ago.

I was an energetic and lively sixteen year old girl with many friends besides being the top student in school. My life was perfect, or at least that was what everyone thought. Deep inside, I was depressed and lonely, wishing to experience the feeling of being wanted and loved. I always felt as if I did not belong with my family. I would cry myself to sleep every night, wondering why every second that went by felt like eternity and wishing I would die in my sleep so that I would not have to wake up to face another tomorrow. I knew I...