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Is it true that when the human mind encounters experiences and beings of unexpected bringings and thoughts that An automatic Concious/Sub-Concious thought immediately transmits those encounters into A inapprehension and unmotivated appeasment while simeltaneously A dark , pitiful moment happens to veil their existence...Yes it is I dont mourn for those in the false darkness...I only mourn for those who happen to interrupt there idiotic up-bringing into a meaningless existence. Whom am I referring to? Well not the strange beings but the beings inept to understand anything except there ability to un-learn knowledge.

Is attempting to apprehend these thoughts "Crazy" or "Weird"? But however how are these words defined in a world where the faction is consumed by the norm of the majority. This is what limits the human race to learn. The human mind will not learn if it is too afraid to accept the pain. How does the average human deal with the pain? Alcohol would be the average consumer product purchased and used in all cases to sub-conciously numb and desensitize mind as well as body.

As the possibilities of these "Anesthetics" remain nearly limitless in number , the human brain cell count doesen't.

This evil stretches its long black arm all the way back in the humans time to the womb.

A mother drinking while pregnant can actually genetically alter that fetus's chance of consuming alcohol in there adolescent and adult years.If you are reliant on this you will avoid the darknessand if you cannot understand the darkness you are only understanding 50% of the boundries of this universe.

I have accepted the dark and the light I have accepted that most of this race has not... But I shall not accept that I will be tortured by there self-inflicted wounds and there pitiful , disgusting way of living sickens and terrifies me as...