A mythical interview of Walt Disney, his life story

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1)Question- Well for starters, Walt, what was your childhood like?

Ahh, my childhood... Well, I was born in 1901, on December 5th, in Chicago. But I didn't live in Chicago for long. Actually, I don't even remember living in Chicago, unless you count the train station. I remember asking my brother Roy why we were taking a train, and why. He told me that we had bought a farm in Marceline, Missouri and we were going to live there. I remember imitating the conductor when he yelled out 'all aboard' and everybody started laughing. That was my first memory of entertaining people, and I remember the feeling. It was exhilarating. Well anyway, we got on the train and went to Marceline, where our farm was. We moved in, and eventually got used to rural life instead of the typical urban lifestyle in Chicago. Since I was still young, my only responsibility on the farm was to tend to the pigs.

There was one pig, Porky, who I loved. He was small and runty, but I took such good care of him that he eventually became just as fat as the rest of the pigs. I had a lot of fun with Porky. One time I tried to dress him up in my sister's hat, and while that went well with him, he got kind of angry when I tried to put a dress on him. He ran out of my arms, and although I caught him I ended up in the pig pen, my whole entire body covered with disgusting mud all over me. Also one time, I took my father's tar, which I mistook for paint, and drew a small mural of him on the wall. My Aunt Maggie, who encouraged my artistic ability, bought me a pallet and...