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What is Mythology?         Webster’s New World Dictionary defines mythology as, “a telling of tales or legends” (898). These tales and legends were products of people in the ancient world and their need to explain and believe in a higher power. Mythology for some is a kind of religion and provides answers to how something in their world came to be. These would be things like man, animals, the sun, the moon and natural disasters. The ideas of mythology are not too different from our religious ideas of today. Most myths have something to do with gods, goddesses, a higher power and religious ideas. Myths were a way to give people an answer to something that could not be explained and used to organize a society around a basic belief.

        When people do not know the reason why something happens they begin to wonder why. Myths give people answers to questions like why the sun rises or why it rains.

Most myths were to explain why something happens in nature. One myth explains where thunder and lighting come from. The myth goes Zeus, the God of all Gods, throws down lighting from Mount Olympus when he is angry with man and thunder was his warning. Myths were used in place of science. They were a person’s way of explaining what was happening around them, but the myths were sometimes used as a base for religion.

        Most myths have many different gods and goddesses in them. People believed in these gods and worshipped them. People believed that the events happening around them were brought on by the gods and goddesses in their myths and that explained why things happened. The gods and goddesses in the myths were thought of as the creator(s) and overseer(s) of the universe and people believed in them...