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MYTHOLOGY         Zeus did not know what to do with the deep waters that he used to try to kill Pandora. The floods were too deep for Apollo to make evaporate with the light. Hera's brother had a new baby boy, and she thought her husband, Zeus should make him into a god. After twenty years the flood was so deep because of all the rains that purred into it throughout the years that the Greek lands were forced to be smaller. Zeus could not do a thing about the deep waters. The next day, Zeus and Hera's nephew, Poseidon, came to visit his aunt and uncle. Hera thought that now was a good time for Zeus to make Poseidon a god, but what could Poseidon be the god of? All of a sudden Zeus got the idea that Poseidon could be the god of all that water all over the earth.

Zeus told Poseidon and Hera about the idea and they thought it was great. Poseidon was now the god of the bodies of water, but he grew bored of just watching the water all day and night, so he got liberty from Zeus to create live beings in the water just like on the land. Poseidon was awarded the liberty of his idea. He got right off to work on creating these beings, but first he wanted to name these bodies of water. He called them the sea. He created many types of fish, octopus, and mammals that can survive under the water. The beings re-produced too much and so there was only six gallons of free space available in the seas. Poseidon didn't want Zeus to here about his problem so he went and got Artimes, the goddess of hunt. He told her he needed here to invent a new way of hunt that can hunt his water-beings. She got the idea of the new way of hunt. It was called fishing. Somehow the Greek citizens found out about this hunt so they started. Artimes like her new way of hunt so much that she turned herself into a cat, and went hunting on the lands of Greece.