Myths beliefs and superstitions in Maldives Society

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Human beings are superstitious. We all believe in certain things that do no have logical explanations. This is especially true in this multi-racial country of ours. Each community has its own pet beliefs. However there are certain beliefs. So this study will seek about some of the myths, beliefs and superstition in Maldives Society.

Maldives has its own set of folklore both real and fantasy. Folklore started with the defining characteristics of the island life; the interaction of nature with human lives. Stories told by word of mouth blew out of proportion and by the time they were told to our generation, legends and myths were created; of beings and spirits that are far beyond the comprehension or realism of the human mind. Some of the myths and legends have a true part in it.

According to Hussain (1991) the Maldivian believe jinni as their term for spirits. As there are good and evil humans in the material world, so are there good and evil in the spiritual world.

Maldivian believe that jinni live in a higher plan, are excess in number, and superior in intelligence to human beings. Maldivian also believes that jinni exists all around them and they can influence the lives of mortals. They can be malevolent or benevolent. They also consider that human beings can sometimes unintentionally hurt the jinni in their day to day living. An average Maldivian will never throw away anything or even spit on the ground without first warning a lurking jinni "gaikolhu gaigaa dhuru". This means "let this not strikes any respected being"

Myths are an ancient story that is based on popular beliefs. In Maldives society there are such myths. There is one myth of the origin of the Dhivehi people though it contains possible elements of earlier myths. It...